API Sandbox
Developed with by Louis T.

This is the API sandbox server for ThePasteBin; documentation can be found here.

This service is available for public usage with the below development key. Please use this endpoint when testing or developing new tools.

Tools (1)

  1. thepb-cli - Command line application for Linux, Mac, Windows.
  2. thepb-sdk - The software development kit for Node.js applications, used in thepb-cli.
  3. atom-thepastebin - A package for the Atom editor.

Example Usage

  1. npm install -g thepb-cli
  2. thepb-cli --help
  3. thepb-cli --setup 73efd6bd-6ea4-44bd-0000-000000000000 --server
  4. thepb-cli --status

Sandbox Development Key (2)


  1. More to come, see:
  2. Only works with this server.